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Behringer Audio is a well known and highly respected name in the professional audio equipment industry. Founded in 1989, and with roots in Germany, the engineering and quality of the equipment produced by this award-winning team of craftsmen means that your satisfaction is virtually guaranteed. In short, when you buy Behringer, your ears - and the ears of your audience - will thank you.


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Behringer's wide range of professional audio equipment, including mixers, speakers, amps, and even headphones & microphones is something we're thrilled to be able to offer you.... but it doesn't stop there! Let's take a closer look at some of the individual items you can purchase through our website.


These little guys are like having a whole recording studio sitting on your desk, but for way less money! Ranging in price from $33 USD to $87 USD, they come out of the box with everything you need to start mixing and making your next hit track. Individual model features may vary, but there are some standards across the board including compatibility with both Windows & Mac OS, FireWire or USB connectivity, warranties, and of course, the highest in quality parts and construction.


When gig night comes around and you need your rhythm section to rock, or for those "special times" when you just need a face-melting guitar solo, few things are more important than a killer sound system. We get it, and that's why we stock a wide selection of bass, guitar, and keyboard amplifiers here at SmartDJ.com. Ranging in price from a wallet-friendly $75 USD to just shy of $300 USD, our amplifiers will give you rich, full sound across the entire spectrum and a level of control you won't find anywhere else. As always, warranties, durable craftsmanship, and unmatched quality come standard.


At the studio level, tracks are mixed, tweaked, and played with before the audience ever hears a note, the better to make sure they'll be singing along for weeks to come! With that in mind, SmartDJ has a great selection of professional quality headphones for a jaw-droppingly low price. Starting at an "Are you serious?" $10 USD and topping out at $33 USD shortly thereafter, the price definitely doesn't reflect what you're getting - and what is that, you might ask? Well, let's just say that when you put on any one of our several headphone offerings, it's gonna sound like you've got an orchestra in your head - plus, the cushioned ear cups make them extra comfy for those long studio sessions!

As for microphones, we're here to make sure you get heard loud and clear. Choose from a selection of dynamic and / or condenser microphones. With prices starting at around $20 USD, you can grab one of each!


Behringer offer a complete line of Mixers for the DJ to the professional concert series. Behringer Mixers are made from the highers quality components and are sure to take any abuse you can throw at the. Behringer offers rackmount, digital and even powered mixers so not matter the application they offer a solution for your performance.


Speakers are what make your show rock and Behringer Speakers are guaranteed to impress your fan. Front studio monitors to full blow powered arrays they have it all. These speakers are designed to last a lifetime and are sold at prices you can actually afford. Check out our full line of Behringer Speakers at our guaranteed low prices.

If you haven't noticed by now, the list of Behringer equipment you can buy here on SmartDJ.com is rather exhaustive, so we're going to divide things up a little so you can stop reading sooner, and get back to doing what you love - making music!

In addition to all the things we've covered above, we also offer MIDI controllers, mixers, and PA systems & loudspeakers (you know, for when the mic just won't cut through the roar of the crowd). Additionally, we offer a wide range of peripherals: Model / effects machines, power amplification systems, stomp-boxes, tuners, and associated accessories, signal processors... we even have musical instruments!

What's more, beyond the quality and low prices you've come to expect from us, everything we've talked about, from mics to mixers, speakers to synths comes with a generous warranty.

So what's the bottom line? Simple: If it makes music, we've got it, and we want you to have it! Oh, one more thing - we're here to help you from start to finish. With that in mind, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line!