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American DJ has a light for any situation, literally they have over hundreds of different lighting fixtures available from mild to wild . We have everything from Par Can lights for stages to moving head effect lights that are great for the club. Most American DJ lights support DMX for custom control and programming or sound activated modes that dance to the music. American DJ is well known for their commitment to quality and performance and of course cutting edge technology.

American DJ
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American DJ has been manufacturing light products since 1985. The Los Angeles-based company has grown into a world leader in lighting products. The company now includes five companies: the original American DJ, American Audio, Global Truss, Acclaim Lighting and Elation Professional Lighting. All five companies collectively provide staging products, lighting, audio systems and supplies and other related products for discos, nightclubs, bands, private use, TV shows, trade shows and other events. American DJ is now considered a leader in the industry in terms of quality and reliability.

ADJ is still operated by the company's original founders. ADJ has pioneered some notable advances in lighting technology over the years, while still emphasizing the needs of the customer. ADJ was at the forefront of the LED lighting craze. ADJ Group (the collective term for all five companies) gear is used on a regular basis by disc jockeys, entertainers, convention organizers, high-profile clients, architectural groups and other event organizers. ADJ products have been used at several Las Vegas hotels and major attractions such as Disneyland and cruise ships. ADJ has provided lighting for WWE events, major concert tours and major events. ADJ offers customers a wide selection of lighting products including:

DMX moving heads - Features include multiple gobos, colors and a high-velocity fan. Shimmering colors and elaborate patterns make any event even more engaging.

Gobo projectors - Features of this LED light include 10W white LEDs to produce dazzling light shows. Customizable features include replaceable Gobo patterns and four color gels.

Sound-activated club effects - These are the effects that get all the "oohs and aahs" during a performance. Features include synchronization to music and other pre-programed sounds.

Lasers Lights - ADJ lasers feature a wide range of effects perfect for small clubs or entertainment on the go. Product choices range from Micro Galaxian |, Galaxian 3d Green and Red and Micro-Star Mini Laser to Galaxian Sky Green and Red, Micro Gobo | Green and Red and an ADJ laser window. General features include low power consumption, battery backup option and a variety of effects.

Indoor and outdoor architectural lighting - Lighting design as it applies to the indoor or outdoor environment takes several design elements into consideration such as aesthetic elements and size of the room. Indoor and outdoor architectural products include features to create ambiance while taking characteristics of the area to be lighted into consideration. Architectural lighting options available from ADJ include par cans, sky search lights and image rotating projectors.

Stage par cans - Par can features generally include RGB color mixing, multiple operational modes such as DMX mode with six DMX channels, sound activation, RGB mode and auto mode. Additional characteristics include smooth projection with rich color palates, long life LED bulbs, low heat, low UV rays and low power consumption, color strobe effect and smooth color scrolling.

American DJ Lights

Lights are mostly designed for illumination but can also function to direct or focus attraction on a specific area or add color to a display.

Lamps - Lamps provide more than just light. ADJ lamps such as Vertigo Tri LED RGB Spinning provide a dizzying array of light in a scattered circular pattern. The Revo 4 LED Moonflower DMX Intelligent Light Effect includes a hanging bracket and remote control.

LED - LED lights include a wide selection of options from individual setups to spot systems. The final effect depends on the specific LED light. H20 LED Powered Water produces a simulated water flowing effect light projected on walls, ceilings or floors (with or without fog). Dual Gem Pulse LED Powered Effect Light produces razor sharp beams. All LED lights have a longer life than traditional lighting.

Pinspots - Pinspots do just as the name implies. General specifications include the ability to focus the angle of the beam and intensity of the light with various lenses. Most ADJ pinspots are lightweight and put out very light heat and do not use that much power, making them an excellent choice for lighting effects or mobile DJs.

Area Effects

Area effects are the something extra used to enhance the visuals for an event, concert or other presentation. They tend to be attention-getting and visually appealing at the same time. Options include:

Snow machines - A timer allows you to control the duration of output during an event. Interval time can range from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. The pump automatically shuts off when fluid gets to a certain level.

Fog juice - Made from water-based materials, fog juice produces a dense white cloud of smoke when used any ADJ fog machine.

Fog machines - An instant mist of fog is produced with these machine. No heat is required and an even mist is produced with no warm-up time required.

Club and Stage Effects

These are the little extras that make a show standout and keep the crowd engaged. They can be subtle, but are often anything but that. Available choices include:

Mirror balls - Most ADJ mirror balls include multiple sockets, pinspots and other features to put on a dazzling display.

Bubble machines - Dual fan output and an easy top-load bubble liquid filling container make these compact, portable machines a must-have for any event. A timer controls output.

Spot Lights - Beacons use LED technology to put on a stunning display with multiple operational modes and rotation speeds and selectable via dip switches.

Par Cans

Par cans are specifically designed to focus lighting. The effect can be used to highlight the main center of attention or highlight the entire display area.

Lighting Packages

Lighting packages contain a specific group of related products designed to create the desired visual effects for an event. Some packages available: