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Pro Audio Rocks your world! Imagine an entire crowd at a concert relying on your pro audio equipment to rock the place, you want to make sure you have the most reliable equipment at the best price right? We carry a complete line of pro audio gear, whether you need something for a wedding reception, or have to reach to thousands of people in an auditorium. Pro audio involves several components including speakers, mixers, amplifiers and more. Using these audio components correctly in concert can lead to a truly thrilling experience for both you and your audience.

Pro Audio
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Audio Packages

Pro audio equipment can often be purchased in a package which general include some combination of speakers, amplifiers, mixers, microphones, cords, stands, and more. These packages are a great deal for those new to professional audio. It is also an option to combine the contents of a package with some pro audio equipment which you already own.

Whether you chose to purchase a package, or combine individual components, purchasing pro audio equipment will make all the difference in making your music go from very good to truly outstanding.

Pro Audio Speakers

When it comes to professional audio speakers, there are many different options and several types are necessary. For the bass, a bass reflex enclosure is needed. These have great response and smoothness and well surpass their horn-loaded predecessors.

Horns, woofers, and tweeters are also needed. It was first believed that to be effective, horns had to be composed of cast metal, but it has been found that any ridged material will work effectively and in many cases, fiberglass or plastic is preferable. The best woofers have large magnets and also require a sturdy frame to support these heavy magnets.

Speakers in general usually are available in either square or trapezoidal configuration. The trapezoidal is better for it can reduce the internal standing waves when configured correctly for a more focused sound.

Pro Audio Mixers

It is important to do a sound check to make sure all the audio levels are set correctly. Bands will have separate microphones for each instrument or voice. While the performance is in progress, its a good idea to turn down the level of instruments that are not being used. If there is a song on the concert that uses acoustic guitar rather than electric, turn the level down to nothing for that instrument. Use something to mark the original level of the channels turned down so they can be reset easily. A small amount of equalization and echo and reverb can be added but too much can negatively affect the performance. Echo and reverb should be used sparingly and primarily with vocals. Allow the musicians to choose the level for the monitors.

Once everything is set up during the sound check, little needs to be done with moving the channel levels beyond turning down unused instruments and turning up solo instruments or lead vocals.

Pro Audio Amplifiers

Amplifiers are ideally set with 3dB of headroom as a maximum output. This means that the amp has the capacity to be used at twice the output. This headroom prevents distortion while allowing great power in the bass. Make sure to adjust the amps output with regard to the speaker impedance. If the amp is putting out more power than the speakers, then its possible that the speaker could blow or the amp could power out. Amps have their own levels controls. These are generally set at their highest setting so that the amps perform to their fullest capabilities, though are sometimes tone down for various reasons. Also, make sure to get an amp with a limiter switch. Turning this on will prevent distortion. High quality built in limiters do not affect the audio quality.